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What happens to your children when you’re gone?

No one wants to imagine a scenario where they are not around to care for their young child or children. However, that should not stop you from designating a legal guardian in case of your death/ absence.

In the event that your children are left without you, it is important to designate a legal guardian ahead of time. But how do you designate someone to be their guardian? How do you choose who to leave your children with?

Choosing the right guardian

It can be a lot of pressure to choose someone to take care of your children. Many elements go into selecting the best guardian for your child.

  • Stability: You want to choose a guardian who is stable both financially and emotionally. To ensure your children are well supported; both are essential.
  • Style: Pick someone who shares a similar parenting style as yourself and your spouse. This includes values, beliefs and goals for the children.
  • Comfort: It is best to leave your children in the care of someone they are already comfortable with. This will help their transition as well as the guardian’s.
  • Life span: You don’t want to leave your children with an individual who won’t be physically or mentally able to care for them until they can care for themselves. Choose someone who is young enough to withstand raising your children until adulthood, but old enough to meet the above qualifications. For example, choosing your parents as the guardians may not be as wise as choosing a sibling.
  • Willingness: Does the guardian you have in mind want to commit to raising your child? Talk it over with them before making anything official.

How to designate a guardian

Even if you think your cousin and her husband are the logical choice, a judge might not. It is important to have a guardian chosen in writing so that you can make sure your children are in the right care. The easiest way to do this is to put it in your last will and testament

Thinking about the possibility of leaving your child in another person’s care can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Designating the proper guardian will make sure that your child’s future is safe.

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