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How does Georgia calculate child support payments?

Financial issues are one of the primary causes of divorce. If a marriage does ultimately end in divorce, it does not necessarily mean that spouses will stop arguing about money.

Child support is one of the more contested issues that spouses need to resolve during divorce proceedings. For many years, Georgia judges would typically award about 20 percent of the non-custodial spouse's income as support.

Handling Back-To-School After A Divorce

Co-parenting after a divorce is not always easy, and when back-to-school issues are placed into the mix it can become even more stressful. But there are ways to make things easier for parents and children, so stress levels are lower and everyone can have a good experience.


The Basics of Pursuing a Child Custody Move-Away Case

Parents who have been through a child custody dispute know that the process is not easy; however, they generally understand that they may ultimately find themselves in another contentious custody situation if they ever need to move away with their children.

American family courts generally recognize that significant moves (especially those that cross state lines) can impact not only the best interests of the child but also the parenting time of both parents involved. As a result, move-away cases are sometimes frowned upon when the parent seeking to move is not doing so for valid reasons that will ultimately benefit the child or children in question.

Tips for keeping your cool during a heated custody dispute

The path through divorce proceedings is a winding and complex one. Disagreements over property, retirement funds and sentimental items can lead many people to do or say things they wouldn't have in less stressful situations. When child custody is entered into the mix, arguments can escalate in intensity. For those who equate proceedings with a tug-of-war competition, sole custody of children may be seen as the victor's trophy.

The perception of a custody dispute as a contest can create a rift that may be difficult to mend after the proceedings have ended. While it may be difficult to avoid becoming antagonized by your former spouse during contentious struggles, it is of the utmost importance to maintain civility for the sake of your children. As most parents are aware, children are sensitive to the emotions of their parents. Whether they internalize their emotions or act out, your children will be influenced by the divorce. The degree to which they will be impacted largely depends how you and your former spouse act.

5 things to know about child custody in Georgia

Child custody issues can be dicey - they're emotional, fraught with tension and legally complex. From sole custody to joint custody, and legal custody to physical custody, the stakes are high and the answers (from a legal standpoint) aren't always clear.

Before becoming embroiled in a child custody dispute, make sure you contact a qualified family law attorney and read through these five things to help set your expectations.