Client Testimonials

"Marian is AMAZING! She is honest, ethical and no-nonsense."

"Many years ago, when consulting with two other prominent attorneys in Cobb County, and asking who they would recommend if I didn't hire them, both suggested Marian. That was my first clue.

It's now been several years that I have worked with her, always concerning my son's visitation and custody, and I have learned to appreciate that she is truly passionate in her work, direct and very aggressive.

Marian has a way of making an extremely frustrating and seemingly hopeless situation much easier to deal with. Her expertise and advice have consistently proved invaluable, and my son (who I now have the privilege of retaining primary custody for) would be the first to thank her for always looking out for his best interests, not mine or his mother's.

That is the type of attorney Marian is — truly a child's advocate, and someone I am always proud to represent me and to call a personal friend."

– JT

"It was a difficult time in my life, I worried about both myself and my daughter."

"Marian Weeks helped me to understand the divorce and custody process. And she did it in a way that was both compassionate and understanding. She took the time needed to make sure that I was both prepared and ready to move forward with this life-altering experience.

She was truly a remarkable lady that was both friendly and assertive, depending on the needs of my case. I was very pleased that I had Marian Weeks represent me in Superior Court. She did not let me down in any way, and I would recommend her to anyone going through the anguish of a divorce."


A "fortuitous referral" to Marian Weeks

"After hearing our difficult intervening party and out-of-state custody dispute story, we received the fortuitous referral by a well-respected professional colleague of Ms. Weeks that she was the absolute BEST attorney for our case in Cobb County. He could not have been more accurate and correct.

Our emotional and desperate quest to acquire custody was matched with equal fervor by Ms. Weeks. Ms. Weeks tirelessly listened to hours of facts and details and interviewed multiple potential witnesses. She was then able to decipher, organize and artfully deliver a trial plan of the most pertinent and persuasive evidence to the court.

Our family would not be where we are today without Marian, and we will be forever grateful to her and her supportive staff."