Property Division and Equitable Distribution in Georgia

In the divorce process, it is natural to want to protect what is yours. You have property that you worked hard for, and you want to keep your fair share. We will help you do so in accordance with divorce laws in Georgia.

At F. Marian Weeks, P.C., Attorneys at Law, we will work to see that equitable distribution of property is also fair distribution. Our attorneys have devoted their careers to handling family law cases and helping people through difficult emotional, financial and legal dilemmas.

Our reputation is built on over 65 years of combined experience providing personalized legal representation to people in Cobb County, Cherokee County, Paulding County and surrounding areas in need of top-caliber legal counsel.

Our Perspective On Property Division in Georgia

We know that this is not just a case for you. This is your life. We will not treat you like a file. We will treat you like a person. That means we will take the time to listen to you and learn about your needs. We will work hard to see that your needs are met.

If the division of marital property was simply a matter of splitting all assets and debts right down the middle, it would certainly be easy. In many cases, this would also be very unfair.

We Get Results That Are Fair and Equitable

We will look at all of your assets and work with you to determine what is nonmarital property and what is marital property. Some items may be both marital and nonmarital property. Some may be part marital and part nonmarital, such as a business or professional practice.

Our lawyers know how to sort through the most complex asset division matters to arrive at a fair and just asset agreement. Rest assured, we fully understand divorce property law and all of its accompanying tax implications.

When it comes to a divorce property settlement, you may have more to deal with than the house and the car. We are able to help you address all assets, including 401(k)s and other retirement funds, children's accounts, stocks and bonds, inheritances, vacation properties, time shares, antique collections and more. We will make sure all the property in your divorce case is dealt with appropriately.

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