Establishing Paternity and Legitimation

Parents of children born out of wedlock are faced with a unique set of legal issues. The ability to receive child support or visitation rights can hinge on the need to establish paternity or legitimate a child.

At F. Marian Weeks, P.C., Attorneys at Law, we will guide you through this process and protect your parental rights in Georgia.

Our attorneys bring over 65 years of combined experience helping parents throughout Cobb County, Cherokee County and Paulding County. We have been committed to the practice of family law our entire careers. In many cases, the quality of your legal representation eases your legal burdens and adds enhanced legal protections throughout the process of paternity or legitimation.

Establishing Paternity

A mother may seek to legally establish the paternity of her child for a variety of reasons. She may do so to see that the father accepts some of the responsibilities that come along with being a parent, whether that means payment of child support or other contributions to the development of the child.

Establishment of paternity can be as simple as the father acknowledging that the child is his and filing the appropriate documents. In other cases, a DNA test (paternity test) may be necessary to prove fatherhood.

We are committed to helping you achieve best possible rights in this process for you and your child.

Legitimation of a Child

A father may also seek to legitimate a child for a variety of reasons. He may wish to play a role in the development of the child by gaining child custody or visitation rights. He may want to ensure that the child receives proper inheritance and Social Security benefits.

It is important to be aware that legal legitimation of a child may require more than putting the father's name on the child's birth certificate or the child sharing the father's last name. We will help you complete the steps necessary to legitimate a child properly.

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