Thorough Business and Property Evaluation in Your Divorce

Divorce for business owners and spouses of business owners is a bit more complex than divorce cases for couples who do not own businesses. The assets and ownership value of a business must be fully accounted for in a divorce because both spouses will have marital rights in the ownership of the business, unless perhaps a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement has set forth each party's rights to an asset.

Whether you have a sole proprietorship, professional practice, corporation, partnership or family businesses, it will need to be valued by a business valuation expert.

At F. Marian Weeks, P.C., Attorneys at Law, we work with experts who can provide us with summary evaluations of your business and formal valuations that provide in-depth reports to be used at trial. In some cases, hiring a forensic accountant may be necessary to uncover all assets the business owns and to establish valuations. In many cases, a real estate appraiser is also necessary to employ.

Division of Business Assets in Divorce

We put the most current and best information available in front of the court for determination in the property division agreement. For both business owners and their spouses, we put a comprehensive property division plan together in divorce cases. In some cases, business operations can be protected, while some portion of revenues, profits or asset sales are distributed between the parties.

Our lawyers understand that business owners have worked hard to keep their business operating and profitable. We want to protect that hard work and help our clients to have continued success in the future. However, we also recognize the hard work of spouses who have either had a hand in the success of the business or have made other contributions to the marriage to allow the business owner to focus on business activities. Both parties often deserve fair treatment.

If the business started before your marriage, it is possible that only a portion of the business will be considered marital property (available for distribution). The remaining portion would be considered separate property and owned by the business owner separate from the marriage.

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