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We treat your case as if it were our own. Personalized guidance, strategy and solutions are what we have provided to clients throughout northern Georgia for over 30 years. Attorneys Marian Weeks and Fraser Hudgins offer over 65 years of combined experience to your divorce and family law matters.

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Even though same-sex marriage is now legal across the United States, same-sex divorce and separation are still unchartered territory for many attorneys. Divorce matters for same-sex couples are the same as for heterosexual couples in many ways, but there are also many differences and nuances:

  • Property division will be more complex if you have not been officially married. We will have to rely on contract law and any estate planning you have completed if this is the case.
    • Issues regarding assets, real property, taxes, debts and retirement benefits may combine agreements from your relationship prior to marriage with the laws that must be followed in divorce.
  • Child custody issues will challenge your parental rights and perhaps strain your relationship with your children, if an experienced lawyer is not working as your advocate.
    • Your legal rights to physical custody and joint custody may be nonexistent, unless you completed an adoption previously.

Always On Your Side and Committed to Your Best Possible Outcomes

We will guide you through every step of divorce, using a wide range of tools to effectively resolve disputes and protect your rights. We will certainly work to reach agreements in your case through mediation and other alternatives to litigation, but if matters cannot be reconciled amicably, you can be confident in the capable hands of our seasoned and proven trial lawyers.

Based in Marietta, we can help you navigate and resolve every matter that arises in any type of divorce. It is always important to have an experienced advocate on your side. No matter how simple you may think resolution is to achieve, there are serious pitfalls in every step.

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