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Domestic violence issues can heighten the stresses in the divorce process in many different ways. Whether you are the person filing the petition or the person facing domestic violence charges, strong advocacy from an experienced attorney is essential. When you work with our northern Georgia law firm, you can count on us to move past the obstacles and to seek a resolution.

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Domestic Violence Petitions and Hearings

If a petition is taken out for domestic violence, a hearing will be held anywhere between 10 and 30 days after the petition is filed. If the protective order is granted, there can be no contact between parties. If there is contact, it is considered a criminal offense. These matters are taken very seriously in Georgia and will not be taken lightly by a judge.

During the hearing the judge will determine whether or not there was spousal abuse, child abuse or domestic violence. If it is determined that domestic violence occurred, then a restraining order (or protective order) will be put in place for one year. At that time, the judge will also issue an order concerning immediate needs for the children, support and housing issues.

Rely On Our Experience and Personal Attention

We handle a wide range of domestic violence issues. Our firm has extensive experience representing both parties in domestic violence and divorce situations, as well as married and unmarried couples. Ms. Weeks has had special training in mediating domestic violence matters.

We understand the effects that domestic violence matters can have on a family, including the negative effects on things such as visitation, child custody and parenting time. We will work our hardest to make certain that any possible negative impacts are minimized. Having experience representing both sides in divorce matters allows our lawyers to create an assertive and effective strategy for protecting your rights.

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