We Will Help You Resolve All Legal Issues in Divorce

You want more than just an attorney on your side when you are going through a challenging divorce. You want a powerful advocate who will fight to see that you get through this safely and with your interests secured.

At F. Marian Weeks, P.C., Attorneys at Law, we offer you over 65 years of combined experience. We have a reputation for standing our ground and helping people through the toughest, most challenging divorce and family law cases. Our law firm handles all matters relating to family law and divorce, including property division, alimony, parenting plans, child custody, visitation, child support, adoption, paternity, order modification and the nuances of same-sex family law matters.

Resolutions That Achieve Your Needs and Realistic Expectations

Through the years, we have become acquainted with the courts in Marietta and the surrounding counties of Cobb, Cherokee and Paulding. The first goal is always to attempt to settle your case without the necessity of a trial. However, in the event a trial is necessary, we have extensive experience with the judges in these counties and have appeared in front of each of them many times.

In those cases that require a jury trial, our attorneys know the types of people who make up juries in divorce court proceedings and know how to speak to them.

While we will work to resolve your case amicably through mediation or settlement, we know that trial is sometimes the best and only option for your best possible outcome.

Guidance and Representation in Any Type of Georgia Divorce Case

The dissolution of marriage is just one aspect of a divorce. We handle all types of divorce cases, including:

To us, you are not just another case. You are a person who is facing a difficult challenge. We will help you get through it by making certain that we fully understand your exact needs and goals. We will provide guidance and support every step of the way, including helping you establish grounds for divorce.

Our Cobb County-Based Divorce Lawyers Are Available to Speak With You

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