Fitting a Parenting Plan Into Your Custody and Visitation Agreement

When parents part ways, one of their biggest concerns may be determining how much time they will be able to spend with their child. Custody and visitation are just two critical parts of developing a parenting plan. Our firm will represent your interests in legal matters and take time to answer every one of your questions.

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Making a Parenting Plan in Georgia

Every situation that involves custody must have a parenting plan — whether custody is settled or determined by a judge at trial. A parenting plan is an all-encompassing plan that is in writing and states all issues concerning children, including:

  • Physical and legal custody (including sole or joint custody)
  • Time each parent has with the child
  • Division of holidays and summers
  • Responsibility for transportation
  • All other issues involving children

A parenting plan is highly specific. It can go into detail about everything from Tuesday night soccer practice to the monthly IEP meetings at school. It will detail which parent will attend what event, and reasons for parents not attending certain events. The parenting plan is very important for all parties it involves and must align with the best interest of the child.

Work with a lawyer who understands how to develop a parenting time schedule that best suits your particular situation. We know the importance of taking a unique and individualized approach to your plan. We will explain the legal aspects of your situation, what your options are and what the courts will look for in determining a decision.

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