Issues That May Impact Divorce

Couples who live in Marietta, Georgia may find it interesting to learn how the economy and other factors can play into the risk of divorce.

Couples who live in Marietta, Georgia may find it interesting to learn how the economy and other factors can play into the risk of divorce.

A report put out by the Florida station compares the percent of populations in each state that are divorced. With 11.3 percent of the population identified as being divorced, Georgia ranked number 29. Of its closest neighbors, only South Carolina had a lower divorce rate with 38 percent of people being divorced. Alabama and Florida were found to have 12.6 percent and 13.1 percent of their populations divorced.

Factors that influence divorce

Divorce has become a fact of life in our modern society but it is not always clear what factors can affect it the most or what situations are of the highest priority to divorcing couples.

For some time, many people held the belief that a bad economy could increase the chance of getting divorced for some couples. The recent recession, however, seemed to give a glimmer of hope to these times when the national divorce rate actually dropped for three years in a row. As this happened, experts asserted that instead of pulling couples apart, the financial challenges led them to band together and make their marriages stronger.

A sociologist from the University of Maryland disputes this theory, based in large part upon the fact that the divorce rate once again began to climb just as the economy turned around and began to come out of the recession. The theory put forth here is that during the recession, marriages were not made stronger but only held together because of the lack of ability to fund divorces. The report states that up to 150,000 couples made the choice to postpone getting divorced until they were financially able to pursue that route.

How concerns of divorcing couples can change

When thinking about a divorce, there are a wide range of issues that can concern spouses during the process. These issues can change based upon the age and stage of life at which people get divorced. Child support and custody, for example, could be of extreme importance for people with young children still at home. But for couples who get divorced after their children have left home may be more concerned about retirement or other issues during the property division settlement.

If retirement accounts are among the assets to split or be considered in an overall settlement, an article in the Huffington Post urges spouses to be prudent in making the choice about keeping certain accounts as not every retirement account would be the wise choice to keep.

Important notes for couples facing divorce

People in Georgia who find themselves contemplating a divorce should consult with an attorney. Getting professional input is important when so many critical issues are at stake.

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