Will There Be Alimony in Your Divorce?

Spousal support, also known as alimony, is not set in stone in any divorce case. No specific guidelines exist in Georgia that clearly explain when it is to be provided or why. It is strictly in the hands of the judge who makes a determination based on a wide range of factors.

Some of the factors a judge will consider in determining spousal support include:

  • Length of your marriage
  • Incomes of both parties
  • Ability of one spouse to pay alimony
  • Ability of a nonworking spouse to move back into the workforce
  • Health issues of both spouses
  • Commingled property
  • Marital and nonmarital assets

Spousal Support Has Two Variations: Temporary and Permanent

Temporary spousal support (rehabilitative alimony) is typically granted to people who have the ability to move back into the workforce but may need some time to do it.

Permanent spousal support (permanent alimony) is typically given to people who may not be able to get a job that provides them the income to maintain their quality of life.

Since these matters are often entirely at the discretion of the judge, it is important to know the judge and their tendencies in rulings. Our years of dedication to family law have allowed us to become acquainted with the judges in Cobb County, Cherokee County, Paulding County and some surrounding counties.

We take several factors into consideration when we are building your case. While we will certainly work to resolve your case through less contentious means, we will build a strategy from the start that has the strength to go the distance, including at trial. We are here to get you results.

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