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A divorce grows out of disagreement and conflict. In some instances, divorce can be resolved amicably through mediation in reaching a settlement. In other instances, reaching a resolution may be much more complicated and involve litigation and trial.

Regardless of the circumstances of your situation, you can count on our team to be dedicated to achieving your best possible outcome. Attorneys Marian Weeks and Fraser Hudgins will provide the guidance and support you need to successfully resolve challenging legal issues with your family. Both are highly ranked and respected Georgia divorce lawyers with decades of experience in Cobb County, Paulding County and Cherokee County.

Located in Marietta, we make ourselves conveniently available to all our clients. We are accessible by phone, email and text as necessary. Our ability to respond to your immediate needs is one of the core values of our law firm.

Aggressive Representation and Personalized Service

We do not consider what we do as "handling cases." Your life is not a case. We help people successfully resolve important personal matters that have become legal issues in need of legal solutions. We want to get the results that are right for you, and that is achieved by getting to know you and your unique situation.

You can count on us to help you move confidently forward through all obstacles you face. We will make every effort to reach resolutions through mediation and settlement, but we will not back down from challenges that threaten your best possible outcomes.

We are extremely familiar with the courts, judges and other family law attorneys in Marietta and surrounding counties. Through our knowledge of family law and legal procedures, we are often able to reduce much of the tension in even the most contentious family law situations.

There Is a Path Forward for You and Your Family

We will help you write the next chapter while protecting your rights and interests comprehensively. Please call us today at 770-884-6296 or email us to schedule a free 30-minute initial consultation with one of our attorneys.